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the-power-listThe top business leaders in Asia making headlines last week in select global and regional media Powered by Dow Jones Factiva and edited for relevance and clarity.


Mr Wynn said he would build a major new casino in Macau’s Cotai area stepping up competition in the heart of one of the gambling industry’s most lucrative growth centers


As the company unveiled plans to open five new Imax theaters in Japan Mr Gelfond called the country “one of the most important entertainment markets in the world.”


India’s richest man bought the 10% in the Mumbai Indians cricket team he didn’t already own according to media reports while Reliance took a minority stake in cargo airline Deccan 360.


Ms Agustiawan said Indonesia’s state oil company is seeking a long term supply contract with Saudi Arabia.


The Chinese auto company expects its domestic sales to nearly double on the strength of the market there Mr Li said.

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